Electronic locking door for door frame. When installing access controls, do not shift the door lock into the door

Power socket for door frame, w / monitor funk., 45 mm
Holding force: 900 kg.
Voltage: 12 VDC, 250 mA. Not included. For example, use DC12V / 1A-R-Q
Dimensions: 202 x 45 x 32 mm (H x W x D)
max. (H x B)

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DOORLOCKxxx can be used on doors where electronic opening cannot be fitted but must be secured with an access control. DOORLOCKxxx mounted instead of the usual end look in the door frame. Therefore, it is not necessary to replace the locking mechanism in the door. This makes mounting easier, faster and cheaper, as only the door frame is to be replaced.

DOORLOCKxxx can be used with ACCESS RFID < and ADGANG485 or other access control controls that have relay output with timer. DOORLOCKxxx contains a powerful fall that can "lock "The door or" release "it when applying a voltage - and the door can be pushed up. This allows you to choose whether the case should be "locked" without applied voltage, or whether voltage should be applied to keep the fall locked.

Power: 900kg .

Case function: The trap can be freely set to "lock" or "release" by applied voltage

Monitor feature : DOORLOCKxx-M has a small pal that is activated by the door latch and allows to detect whether the door is closed or open

202 x 45 x 32 mm (H x B x D), Låsepalens maks. mål: 45 x 18 mm. (H x B)
12 VDC, 250 mA.
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