Fiber cable, LED light, Multi mode, LC-LC, 1m, 50 / 125my, OM3, Aqua, LSZH, Duplex

Fiber Cable with LED light
Multi mode
2 x LC connectors at each end, 9 / 125my
Aqua / Turquoise

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47.00 DKK
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Fiber Cables used to transfer digital data; network, serial, audio / video. Fiber cables are made of glass material and provide super good galvanic isolation.

Flashing LED light helps find the correct socket on the patch panel. All technicians know to follow one patch cable through the tangle of other patch cords and still get to take a wrong plug out of the intersection. The connectors have built-in LED which is activated by pressing a button in one of the ends and flashes at both sockets for about 20 seconds, so it can be easily identified which two ends of which are connected.