Mini PC PAC with 80188-40 CPU, ROM-DOS, 256KB SRAM, 7 Segment Display. RS232 / RS485 ports

80188, 40 MHz CPU
Built-in Rome-DOS and Rome Disc Various Storage Media
512 KB Flash
Various communication interfaces
RS232 - Number is model dependent
1 x. RS485
Programmable LED Indicator
Built-in WatchDog Timer

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M485 PC I can be used as stand-alone PC. It has built-in ROM DOS that can perform user programs written in C ++, Pascal or the like. and compiled to 80188 compatible code. The controller contains a "Mini-BIOS" that supports BIOS call to clock, calendar and the serial port. The file structure is built up as on a standard DOS PC, with both Config.sys and AutoExec.bat, as well as interrupt control on the COM ports.