USB to HART converter. 1 HART port with optional 250 Ohm termination resistance. HART is 4-20mA loop

USB to Hart Bus Converter
to HART Short / Long Frame
to Hart Burst Mode
Point-to-point or Multi-Drop Hart mode
Up to 15 HART slave units < Br> Allow 2 Hart Master
Module Configuration Tools and HART communication
Power supplied by the USB port
Selectable 250Ω load resistance

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Hart Device Simulator (called HDS) is HART unit simulation software developed by ICP DAS. It can be used to simulate multiple Hart slave units simultaneously to exchange data with HART master unit using ICP DAS HART converter connected to any COM port (USB / 232/485 / Ethernet). In this way, users can develop or verify the HART master program without any HART slave unit.

With the M485 USB Hart-I, the PC can be connected to the HART Communication bus. M485-USB-Hart Illiver installed as virtual serial port, where it is possible to send commands and receive data.

Included software that can search for HART devices on the bus and subsequently show what types of Found with information such as manufacturer, ID, etc.

Information about HART bus

Hart bus is a serial communication bus that uses 4-20 mA powerloop and working at 1,200 bit / s. It can overlay analogue measurement lines from e.g. Sensors and sensors and send other data via the same wires. There may be up to a maximum of 15 units on a HART bus. The master on the bus controls the communication to all other Hart units on the bus, who are slaves with each one's own ID and who only respond when asked. Read more about Hart on http: //www.hartcomm. org

Understøtter op til 15 enheder på samme bus Indbygget 250 Ω termineringsmodstand, denne kan afbrydes
1200 kbit/sek.
Driver og software til Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 32/64bit og Win8 medfølger
HART skrueterminaler og USB Type B hun