8 x Digital Input Wet / Dry, 8 x Digital Output Over Ethernet Modbus/TCP, 2 x RJ45 to Daisy Chain. 12 - 48VDC.

Modbus / TCP I / O module with built-in Web server
Modbus / TCP and Modbus / UDP protocols
2 x RJ45 Ethernet switch to Daisy-Chain topology
Dual Watchdog
Operating temperature range: - 25 to + 75 ° C
I / O Pair connection - Ingang refles in the second's exit
8 x Digital input: Wet (Apply Volt), Dry (Contact) - Digital Input: 0 - + 50CDC or Open / GND
8 x Digital Outout, Open Collector 0 - 40VDC / 650MA
Dimensions: 76 mm x 120 mm x 38 mm
Supply voltage: 12 - 48vdc, 4 watt
your bracket Wall mounting

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ETH-MOD8I8O provides 8 x Dry / Wet digital input channels and 8 x digital output channels of source type. It has optical isolation to 2500 VDC with transient over-voltage protection, but does not provide channel-to-channel isolation. Each input channel can be used as a 32-bit counter, and each output channel can drive 650 mA load. Ignition value and ensure value for the digital output channel is programmable. It can be safely used in applications where hazardous voltages.

These I / O devices use MODBUS / TCP protocol for reading and control over Ethernet with digital signals.

digital signal at a module's input can be reflected / transmitted on an output of a second module connected to the network. Several modules can retrieve status from the same inputs on a single module, so it is possible to get a signal transmitted to multiple locations, for example. a building.

With the built-in Web server may be using. Pictures made simple control and monitoring websites without knowledge of HTML or Java programming. There are several phases of the program. When ETH-MODxx supports MODBUS / TCP, they can also be used with software automation systems based on this protocol.

76 mm x 120 mm x 38 mm
-25 ~ +75°C
3.9 W (Max)
2 x RJ-45, 10/100 Base-TX, Swtich Ports
8 x Dry/Wet contact, On: +10 VDC ~ +50 VDC, Off: +4 VDC Max, Overvoltage protection: +70 VDC
10 ~ 90% RH, non-condensing
DIN-Rail eller væg montering
12 ~48 VDC
8 x +10 VDC ~ +40 VDC, Overvoltage protection: 47 VDC