Insulated RS232 for RS485 converter for DIN rail mounting

RS232 for RS485 converter
Galvanic isolation between DC input and RS232 port
Supply voltage: 9 - 50VDC, 10 - 34VAC
Automatic flow control
Up to 1.2km Built-in Termination Resistance - Can be Disconnected
Screw Terminals

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Type: RS232 for RS485 converter
Speed: Up to 115.2 kbit / s
Distance: Up to 1.2 km on RS485 page
Supply: 9 - 50 VDC or 10 - 34 VAC via screw terminal. Power Supply Available as Accessories
Plugs: Screw Terminal
Protection: Optical Isolation: 1 kV on RS485 page relative to RS232 and power supply
Other: Flow control via RTS or automatic.
120 Ω built-in termination resistor that can be disconnected