Web-based relay module with 24 relay output. 18 x Power relay 250vac / 5A COM, NO. 6 x com, NO, NC. 10-30VDC.

Ethernet-based relay module with Modbus
with I/O Pair Function
Digital signals are mirrored on another module outputs
Power Relay, 250vac, 30vdc, 5A
Supply voltage: 10 - 30vdc, 3 watts
Dim: 180 x 111 x 70 mm
Operating temperature: -25 - +75°C

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These I / O units use the Modbus / TCP protocol for reading and control with digital signals.

A digital signal on a module input can be mirrored on an exit of Another module connected to the network. Multiple modules can retrieve the status of the same inputs on a single module, so it is possible to get a signal transferred to several different locations in e.g. A building.

With the built-in web server, the simple control and monitoring sites can be made without knowledge of HTML or Java programming. Different phases of the program are displayed. Since ETH-MODXX supports MODBUS / TCP, they can also be used with software automation systems based on this protocol.

70 x 180 x 111 mm
8 relæer Type A (slutte) AC: 240 V/ 3 A DC: 24/ 3 A Lukketid: 15 ms Åbnetid: 3 ms 6 relæer type C (Skifte) AC: 240 V/2 A DC: 24V/ 2 A Lukketid: 5 ms Åbnetid: 5 ms