RS232 to RS422 / 485 converter. Can be powered from COM port control signals

With CNV232-485PW + you get an RS485 or RS422 port on the PC
Selecting RS422 or RS485 with DIL switches on the device
Super compact with DB9 female and screw terminals
Can be powered by external voltage from 9 - 12VDC / 500mA
Operating temperature: -40 - + 85 ° C

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Type: RS232 'RS422 / RS485 converter
Speed: Up to 921.6 kbit / s
Distance: Up to 1.2 km on RS422 / 485 s in it and up to 15 m in RS232 since
Supply: Supplied by RS232 port or 9 - 12VDC
Connectors: RS232: DB9F, RS485: Screw Terminal
switch to select RS422 or RS485 well as local echo on or off by RS485
signals: RS232 : TXD, RXD, RTS, DTR, GND
signals: RS422: TXD +, TxD-, RXD +, RXD-
signals: RS485: TRXD +, TRXD-

Forsynes af RS232 porten