ADLINK PCI-7432. 32 kanalers isolerede digital input, 32 kanalers isolerede digitale output, PCI

Supports a 32-bit 5 V PCI bus
32-CH isolated digital inputs
32-CH isolated digital outputs
2500 VRMS optical isolation
Sink current up to 500 mA on each isolated output

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OPTO32I32PCI (ADLINK's PCI-7432) card is a 64-CH high-density digital input and/or output cards that provide a robust 2,500 V isolation protection and are suitable for most industrial applications. The wide input range of the OPTO32I32PCI makes it easy to sense the status of external devices. There are several options for OPTO32I32PCI, such as normal version with input range from 0 to 24 V, as well as HIR version with high input range from 0 to 50 V. 
The OPTO32I32PCI feature a wide output range from 5 to 35 V, suitable for relay driving and industrial automation applications. The OPTO32I32PCI also provide two interrupt sources on digital input channels, which are easily configurable.

93 x 137 mm
32 stk. Logisk 0 fra 0 - 2,4 V Logisk 1 fra 4 - 24V maks. 10 kHz fælles stel
2,4 kΩ
5000 VRMS for alle ind- og udgange
Drivere til Windows 2000, XP, Win7 og Win8 Labview og Linux medfølger
DB100 hun
32 stk Kan drive DC-belastninger op til 500 mA “Open collector” 5 – 35 VDC maks. 10 kHz