2 x Digital input (WET), 2 x Power relay Output Ethernet, 32bit counter, I/O Pair Connection, Modbus. PoE, 12 - 48VDC.

Ethernet I / O module Modbus / TCP / UDP Slave
1 x RJ45 Ethernet
Voltage supply: PoE, 12 - 48VDC
protocol: TCP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP, BootP and TFTP
Web configuration and firmware update via Ethernet
2 x Digital input (Wet - Volt is supplied)
2 x Relay, COM, NO - 250VAC 5A, 30VDC 5A
Avoid inductive load to relay contacts
with locked DI and 32- Bit 3.5kHz counter
with I / O Pair - input is mirrored to anothers output
Dual-Watchdog with power-on-safe Value
Consumption: 1.7 Watt
Dim: 98 x 52 x 27 mm
Operating temperature: -25 - +75°C

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With different digital I / O functions, ETH-to the series is an IP-based Ethernet I / O monitoring and control module. The module can be remotely controlled via Ethernet network using Modbus / TCP protocol. It makes ETH-against the series perfect integration with HMI, SCADA, PLC and other software systems.

The functionality of the ETH against the series is almost the same as the EthioXX series. ETH-MOD is the series mini Ethernet I / O modules that support different I / O types, such as. Photo-insulated digital input, relay contact. The module can be used to create di to do-pair connection via Ethernet. When the configuration is completed, the ETH versus the series module can match the status of the local DI channels and then use the Modbus / TCP protocol to continuously write to an external DO device in the background.

Eth-Mod has Double watchdog automatically reset itself when the built-in firmware runs abnormally. The host guard monitors the host controller (PC or PLC), and output from the module can go to predefined mode (secure value) when the host fails.

For maximum space savings offered eth-toward the series in an amazing little shape factor that makes It easy to install anywhere, even directly embedded in a machine. It is equipped with two removable terminal block connectors for easy connection and has a powerful 32-bit arm MCU for handling efficient network trading.

52 x 27 x 98 mm
12 - 48 VDC 2 W eller PoE
2 stk. isolerede med fælles stel Logisk 0: 0 – 4 V Logisk 1: 10 – 50 V
3750 VDC
Via webbrowser
2 relæer Type A (slutte) Belastning: 30 VDC / 5A maks. pr. kanal 250 VAC / 5A maks. pr. kanal
2 stk. Wachdog timer. Den ene bruges til at genstarte modulet, hvis det fryser/låser. Den anden kan sætte udgangene til en forud bestemt værdi ved kommunikationsfejl